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Rebeka (Teresa Palmer) he left home, he thought that his childhood fear of his back. As a young girl growing up, he never sure what is true, when the lights went out at night. Current events, little brother, Martin (Gabriel Bateman) experience that same inexplicable and terrifying that threaten the safety and common sense. Continuing support their mysterious mother (Maria Bello), an odd returned with a vengeance to blow the whole family.

When his brother, Martin, experienced the same events that are used to test your wits, Rebekah works to uncover the truth behind the terror, which brought her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie. Rebekah left home, I was afraid to leave her childhood behind. Growing up, she was never quite sure what is and is not true when the lights are now younger brother, Martin, through events that inexplicable and terrifying same ever tested your mind and threats to security. scary face and amazing grace their mother, Sophie, has resurfaced. But this time, as Rebekah approached uncover the truth can not be denied that both of their lives are the lights off.

Lights Out 2016

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