c.Яблуниця, урочище Діл, 280 Д     +38 (098) 111 20 20

Map to the hotel

Own transport from all cities of Ukraine you should get to Ivano-Frankivsk (except Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod) on highway H-09 via Yaremche village Yablunitsa turn near pointer at “Gorgaru” right and go vhohru about 750 meters from the hotel to the left of the road.

By bus or train

Bus  Ivano-Frankivsk-Yablunitsa, -Rahiv, get pointer near the hotel “Gorgaru” and go up to about 750 meters at the left of the road.

Bus timetable Yablunitsa Ivano-Frankivsk
Departure time: 7:20, 9:40, 15:10, 16:35
Arrival Time: 9:50, 12:10, 17:35, 19:05

By train you can get from the city to Vorokhta (in Ivano-Frankivsk, Yaremche).
Number 606 train Lviv-Rahim. Distance from Yaremche to the hotel  “Alpiysky” – 35 km. from Vorohta – 17 km.,from Yassinja -16 km.